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  2. On its website, users give Raycon’s earbuds glowing reviews en masse and we found that largely to hold true with our testing, though many don’t mention the downsides of the earbuds.

  3. Raycon Everyday Earbuds (new E25) review - SoundGuys

    The Raycon Everyday Earbuds is comfortable, lightweight, and well suited to working out. It has EQ presets and a transparency mode. The Everyday Earbuds might be a compelling buy, if only its audio output could measure up. Release date.

  4. Raycon Earbuds Review - Must Read This Before Buying - Honest...

    The Everyday Earbuds: 4.5/5 stars from 70,975 reviews. The Fitness Earbuds: 4.6/5 stars from 47,557 reviews. The Gaming Earbuds: 4.5/5 stars from 355 reviews. The Work Earbuds: 4.6/5 stars from 156 reviews. The majority of comments are simple and straightforward, like this Raycon earbuds review: “ Great sound!

  5. Raycon E25 true wireless earbuds review - SoundGuys

    The Raycon E25 earbuds do a fine job at some things, and in all fairness they get the basics right. They stay connected and rarely skip, they have AAC compatibility, a decent battery life, an IPX4 sweatproof rating, and a small and portable case. Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

  6. Raycon Everyday Earbuds (E25) Review: Not Just for YouTubers - ...

    Review: Raycon Everyday Earbuds Sure, every influencer owns these buds. They’re still pretty good. Photograph: Raycon Rating: 7 /10 WIRED Earbuds are small and comfortable. Four pairs...

  7. Raycon The Fitness Earbuds (2021 Edition) True Wireless Review

    Raycon The Fitness Earbuds (2021 Edition) True Wireless Review Raycon The Fitness Earbuds (2021 Edition) True Wireless Headphones Review Tested using Methodology v1.5 Review updated Aug 02, 2023 at 10:27 am Latest change: Writing modified Nov 13, 2023 at 02:32 pm By Dagobiet Morales Alfaro, Theresa Ketterling, and Yannick Khong 6.0 Neutral Sound

  8. Raycon Everyday Headphones review - SoundGuys

    The Raycon Everyday Headphones aren’t bad for $99 USD. The headphones are comfortable, they’ve got solid battery performance, and the noise canceling is fine. However, these aren’t exactly the most accurate-sounding headphones in the world—not even close, in fact—regardless of the EQ preset you decide to use.

  9. Raycon Everyday Earbuds review: average at best - Reviewed

    Raycon's Everyday Earbuds aren't cut out for true wireless stardom. Raycon's Everyday Earbuds offer a nimble design and a secure fit, but their audio performance struggles to compete with...

  10. Raycon Earbuds (New) E25 Review: Should You Buy It? -...

    Photo from Amazon. The E25 Raycon earbuds — also called the “Everyday Earbuds” — have a pretty standard design. It follows trends set by the Samsung Galaxy Buds that feature a lightweight pill-shaped earbud and a charging case capable of both wireless, and USB Type-C wired charging. The two components are made of plastic and rubber, which gives it a rather cheap feeling.

  11. Raycon E25 True Wireless Review -

    The Raycon E25 True Wireless and the Raycon The Fitness Earbuds (2021 Edition) True Wireless have different strengths, and you may prefer either one. While both headphones are comfortable, the E25 are more so designed for casual, everyday use and have a better noise isolation performance as well as leak less audio.