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  2. Ethel Percy Andrus - Wikipedia

    Ethel Percy Andrus (September 21, 1884 – July 13, 1967) was a long-time educator and the first female high school principal in California. She was also an elder rights activist and the founder of AARP in 1958.

  3. USC Davis School of Gerontology - Wikipedia

    The Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center is the research and services component of the USC Leonard Davis School. Established in 1964, it is the nation's first multidisciplinary research center devoted to aging. Its primary goal is to provide scientific information about the process of human development as it applies to individuals, families ...

  4. Valter Longo - Wikipedia

    Since 1997, Longo has been a faculty member at the USC Davis School of Gerontology and Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center. He is a member of the formation of USC's Biology of Aging program as well as the director of the USC Longevity Institute, [4] also launched the USC Davis School of Gerontology's first study-abroad program, a summer class ...

  5. AOL Mail

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  6. AARP - Wikipedia

    AARP was formed in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired educator from California, and Leonard Davis, who later founded Colonial Penn 's insurance companies. [5] [6] It is an influential lobbying group in the United States. [7] [8] AARP sells paid memberships, and markets insurance [9] and other services to its members.

  7. Florence Wald - Wikipedia

    Florence Wald. Florence Wald (April 19, 1917 – November 8, 2008) was an American nurse, former Dean of Yale School of Nursing, and largely credited as "the mother of the American hospice movement". [1] [2] She led the founding of Connecticut Hospice, the first hospice program in the United States. Late in life, Wald became interested in the ...

  8. Ethel - Wikipedia

    The word means æthel "noble". [1] [2] It is frequently attested as the first element in Anglo-Saxon names, both masculine and feminine, e.g. Æthelhard, Æthelred, Æthelwulf; Æthelburg, Æthelflæd, Æthelthryth ( Audrey ). It corresponds to the Adel- and Edel- in continental names, such as Adolf (Æthelwulf), Albert (Adalbert), Adelheid ...

  9. Emily Howland - Wikipedia

    Emily Howland (November 20, 1827 – June 29, 1929) was a philanthropist and educator. She supported the education of African-Americans. She was also a strong supporter of women's rights and the temperance movement. Howland personally financed the education of many black students and contributed to institutions such as the Tuskegee Institute, [1] Henry Damon Davidson 's Centerville Industrial ...