Is It Rude to Ask Guests to Remove Their Shoes?

With the holiday and snowy season around the corner, one question has been raised in terms of proper etiquette when hosting. Is it considered rude to ask guests to remove footwear at the door? Though this custom is popular in countries such as Thailand and Japan, is not considered the norm in the United States—though that may be changing.
According to a news report from AP via ABC News, it's becoming more common for hosts to insist their household guests leave their footwear at the door. Whether it be due to weather conditions or overall cleanliness, a "no-shoe" policy in many homes is increasing. It may seem like a simple ask of guests, but it has definitely caused both positive and negative reactions from many. Often guests find it inconvenient and a bother, while others comply with less resistance.
Jessica Gottlieb of Los Angeles is one guest who says she is "disgusted when people want me to take my shoes off in their home. … OK, I get it for upstairs areas or bedrooms or even if you're Japaneses. But if you're my American friend who just wants a clean floor, forget about it. It's a power play and no, you don't get to undress me."
Yet, in the video above Dr. Marchese from EmpowerHer​ shares her reasoning for why removing shoes is actually necessary. 
"People should remove their shoes when they enter the home because if you think about what you walk around all day long on the outside of your home ... you pick up toxins on your shoes and then you come home and you walk around your house and those toxins accumulate in your home," she said.
Despite resistance from those like Gottlieb, it's becoming more popular for homeowners to insist on following the no-shoe policy for both health and comfort reasons. As for whether to implement the rule in your home, that's a call only the homeowner can weigh in on. 
One thing is certain— if you choose to follow a no-shoe policy in your home, guests should be given notice before arriving at your home for a party or event.
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