What's Hiding In Your Furniture

After a long day at work, there are few better things than laying back and relaxing on your living room sofa. However, little did you know you could be sharing your couch and other pieces of furniture in your home with unwelcome guests. Whether it be your kitchen countertop or your bedroom headboard, there's a good chance you have something icky hidden beneath the surface. That's why we've created this list of the insects, bacteria and chemicals you never would have guessed made their way into and onto your household furniture.
View the slideshow above to determine where unwelcome guests may be hiding in your furniture.
Though the thought of bacteria on your wooden cutting board and ants in your bed frame may cause a panic, we're here to assure you to stay calm. Most of these problems can be avoided by regularly and diligently cleaning your home. However, if you find your home being invaded by colonies of intruders, there's nothing that a professional can't help with. So take a closer look to keep you and your family safe from intruders.
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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