What Your Decor Says About Your Love Life

Is your bedroom décor helping or hurting your romantic life? Your love life may be blooming with romantic dates and fun adventures, but your home’s décor could bring all that fire and desire to a wilting end. Just like your clothing, your home is an expression of yourself and a place to really let your style run free. It should be welcoming to guests and a manifestation of that amazing personality you have.

It’s all about decorating to impress! Consider what the items in your home say about you and what lasting impressions your décor will leave with your guests. Pictures of friends and family are a great way to show who you care about, but be mindful to take down those shots with your previous significant other. While we all love a good party once in awhile, it’s important to throw away the evidence rather than proudly display it. Instead, opt for highlighting that amazing souvenir you picked up on your last worldly adventure. Got a thing for decorating with a certain color? Though it’s your all-time favorite, it might be sending the wrong message on your date night.

Check out the slideshow above to see what your décor says about your love life.

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