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What Your Birthstone Says About You: Garnet

Certain gemstones are associated with each month of the year as well as those who were born in that month. If you are a January baby, then you're birthstone is Garnet. You may already be familiar with the look of this gem, but have you ever wondered what your birthstone says about you? We're here to tell you!
Most of know that is customary to buy someone jewelry in that color or a new born baby earrings with tiny birthstones on them.  If they were born in May, buy them a pair of emerald earrings. If born in September, a sapphire ring should suit them well. This often makes the decision process very easy when shopping for jewelry, but birthstones mean more than just a guide to buying your loved ones gems. Each stone has a symbolic meaning, and bring things like love, luck, and friendship to those who wear them.
Curious what your birthstone says about you? Well if you happened to be born in January you're in luck! Garnet is a deep red gem, meaning constancy, true friendship, and fidelity. We've gathered some information on the meaning of garnet along with a few ideas of how to incorporate this color in your home decor.
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View the slideshow above for more on January's birthstone garnet!
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