Veggie Gardens For City-Dwellers

Having grown up with a family vegetable garden, Laura felt disconnected with nature living in New York City. While in law school, she moved into an apartment in which she had access to the rooftop (bingo!) and just like that it all began. Here, Laura tells us firsthand how her love affair with nature flourished on her Manhattan rooftop.
"I decided I would start a roof garden to regain that connection with nature. In the midst of finals, I searched around Manhattan for plants, seeds, potting soil, and containers. A friendly gardener on an internet forum offered me his extra tomato seedlings. I gave him fresh baked cookies in return.
My first season growing was a struggle and learning experience. I was far too ambitious with the number of plants I was trying to grow, and my containers were far too small and insufficiently watered. Since then, my methods and the garden have changed a great deal. Additionally, I have increased my focus on growing fruits and vegetables, as the satisfaction I experienced from the success of growing and eating those first tomatoes made me think about all of the produce I eat. I don't yet grow all of my food, but even the amount that I do is very satisfying. I get the benefits of being connected to nature, discovering new vegetables I had not thought to eat before, seeing how vegetables grow over time and learning their seasons, eating locally to reduce my environmental footprint, and eating the fruits of my own labor."
View the slideshow above for tips to help you start an urban veggie garden.
Photo Credit: Getty Images

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