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Unusual Uses For Oatmeal

We all have eaten oatmeal for breakfast at some point in our lives. It is inexpensive, easy to make, and if we believe the health claims, it is exceptionally good for us. Helping to lower cholesterol, fighting diabetes, and reducing the risk from certain cancers, to name a few of its benefits. But did you know that oatmeal can do more than just make a tasty breakfast? It's true!
View the slideshow above for more unusual uses for oatmeal. 
Not only does this power food help keep your waist thin, but it can also help absorb odors coming from your fridge. Still not impressed? Your cooled morning bowl of oats could be the answer to removing the pimple on your face you just can't seem to make go away. We know it seems hard to believe, but check out our list and see for yourself the wonders of this health food. 
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