Top 10 Yard Sale Tips & Tricks

Even I have to agree that the extent to which I have been excited about having a yard sale for years – years! – is a little bizarre. It significantly pre-dated ownership of an actual yard in which to have said sale in; I started sequestering items away in boxes marked “YARD SALE” about ten months prior to our move to the ‘burbs. Which meant both that I created a very annoying storage situation in an apartment that was already more than slightly lacking in that department…and also that I had a lot of stuff to sell when the big day officially arrived.
Why all this excitement? Some combination of the following:

  1. It lets you play out the fantasy of owning a boutique (which is a fantasy that I have, although I’m aware that the reality of boutique-ownership is likely not nearly as idyllic as the picture I have in my head);
  2. It creates an instant decluttering effect on your home (hate clutter; LOVE THIS);
  3. It gives you the immediate gratification of collecting actual dollars with which you can buy actual pizzas later on that day;
  4. It’s so much fun seeing things that you loved once but no longer get a ton of use out of go to people who are truly excited about them (the two teenage girls wearing plaid shirts and tortoiseshell glasses who showed up at my sale were practically bouncing up and down at the discovery of Kendrick’s oversized wool sweaters and my Marc Jacobs blouses).

Also, sitting in your yard all day long in the sunshine, chatting with your neighbors and essentially getting paid to do it is just really nice.
Now let’s talk tips. And lest you think that the fact that this was my first actual yard sale makes me unqualified to dole out said tips, let me settle your fears on this score, because the completely crazypants amount of preparation and research that I did in the months leading up to that sale makes me the official Champion Of All Yard Sales. I’m serious: I KILLED that yard sale.
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