Seed-Starting and Reality

I thought I’d better write about all the stuff they don’t tell you. Though I remained hopeful, I did not meet the mysterious, scientific conditions for indoor plant survival.
View the slideshow above for tips that will keep your indoor plants healthy and growing.
Let me back up a bit. The first part of the story goes like this: Everything is wonderful. I succeeded. My indoor plant stigma disappeared as charming sproutlettes emerged from the little grow plugs in my cat-proof seed-starting system.
The plot thickens when two of my yogi tomato sprouts shriveled in a grandiose and exhausted forward bend, and all my old brown thumb failure stigmas flooded the scene. I panicked, then took action.
Salvaging my seedlings
Step One: Get them out of the aquarium. Once sprouted, my seedlings didn’t need that intense of a moisture-retainer and all it was doing was encouraging mold (my two tomato seedlings’ murderer.) I discovered that the starter plug thingies (though handy at the time) are a royal pain in my ass, since I had to up-pot/add soil to all my seedlings. Next year I’ll just start with a good potting mix and not think twice about it.
Step Two: Replace compact fluorescent bulbs with grow light bulbs that will up the temperature ante. (Remember that my apartment faces north and is sandwiched between buildings, translate: the sun does all its magic with little regard for my chlorophyll needs.)
So, yeah, you can go out and buy a $200 grow light system (for something you may or may not do again) or you can get creative and make your own. I opted for the latter since I’m not sure if I’ll scrap indoor seed-starting in the future. I got two 50W/120V grow spectrum bulbs at Lowe’s, each for about $5.
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