Scrub Away Winter Germs: Cleaning Tips that Prevent Colds

View the slideshow above for the best cleaning tips to prevent colds.
Kick germs to the curb this cold and flu season with these simple cleaning strategies:

Launder Communal Blankets and Pillows
Cold winter days mean lots of family togetherness on the couch, snacking and watching movies. With the heat turned up and various bodies sharing blankets, pillows and cushions, remember to clean that cozy spot. "Wash shared blankets twice a month using your washer's hot cycle. Wash pillowcases at least biweekly, also in the hot cycle," suggests Julie Edelman, author of The Ultimate Accidental Housewife.

You can't throw the whole couch in the wash (bummer!), so clean it with a HEPA-filter vacuum; this type of filter works by trapping even the smallest air particles. The best part is that a HEPA filter doesn't blow soiled air from vents; only clean air comes out. This will keep dust and mites at bay.

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