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Only Two Escalators in the State of Wyoming

With the talk of elections, it’s not uncommon to find the state of Wyoming in recent news. But with the increased national attention, Wyoming is getting some spotlight on a surprisingly (and somewhat funny) piece of information—the small number of escalators in the state.
In 2008, a Star Tribune reporter in Casper, Wyoming was posed with the question: “How many escalators are there in Casper? In Wyoming?” Reporter Megan Lee chose to look into the inquiry and discovered that there were only 2 escalators in the entire state!

View the slideshow above for more about Wyoming and its escalators!
Though the state population, according to 2012 statistics, is a mere 576,412 people, that is still a shockingly small ratio of escalators to people. According to The Atlantic, that is a 0.000003476 escalators per capita ratio!
Now, five years later, another reporter was eager to see whether more escalators exist within the state's borders. Reporter Megan Garber from The Atlantic asked spokesmen from the Governor’s office and Chambers of Commerce, only to conclude that there are in fact, still only 2 escalators.
So although Wyoming is considered the 10th most extensive state in the country and is quickly making its way to the forefront of election talk, one thing’s for sure—the state of Wyoming is not concerned with escalators.  That being said, if you are ever visiting the mountainous state… we recommend using the stairs!
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