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Know Thy Enemy: Mice

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You may have always rooted for the mouse in Tom and Jerry, but a non-animated rodent in the house is a different story. Mice can send even the bravest homeowner running for a chair, plus they can spread bacteria by pooping in your food.
That being said, there’s still a lot to learn from these tiny critters. Before you start hoarding your cheese and setting traps, brush up on your mouse-facts so you can protect your house from these pests. For more tips on mouse prevention and removal, read: Pest Control: Mice.
Mouse Facts:

  • Female mice can start having babies when they’re just two months old. Talk about growing up fast!
  • Mice can jump up to 12 inches off the ground, so they’d dominate a miniature basketball court for woodland creatures. If those existed.
  • They’re homebodies. Mice generally won’t forage for food more than 10-25 feet from their nest.
  • Mice have been irritating humans for thousands of years. In fact, the word “mouse” is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word for “thief.”
  • Mice are small, but they’re also smart! They can solve puzzles and, of course, navigate their way through mazes.
  • They’re allergic to mint! Plus, since their noses are so sensitive, mint is an effective, natural mouse deterrent. For more details, read: Mint: Good for Mojitos and Mouse Prevention.

View the slideshow above for some helpful mice prevention tips!
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