On the Kitchen Floor: Dark vs. Light

If you had to pick, which would it be - the rich elegance of a dark floor or the crisp, airy feeling of white floors? When deciding between these two extremes, there's more to consider than what initially meets the eye…
View the slideshow above for images of varying shades of kitchen floors.
One of the elements that drew me to my current apartment was the dark, stained hardwood flooring. It produces a level of elegance and contrasts very nicely with the light colored walls. I quickly learned that keeping dark floors in tip-top condition is a constant effort. In a way it's a good wake up call to see just how much dust and crumbs accumulate unnoticed on my floors. In addition to the dust, my light hair sheds onto the floor, and stands out in sharp contrast with the dark wood. I can only imagine what adding a fluffy, white dog to this equation would do.
White flooring can contribute to the Scandinavian aesthetic we love. It's crisp, pure and very fitting for an environment where cleanliness is crucial, like the kitchen. Lighter surfaces reflect more light, producing a better lit environment. However, in the same way dark surfaces highlight the lighter dust, dark stains can really stand out on a white floor.
Each extreme can be absolutely stunning, but each comes with its own challenges. What problems have you encountered with dark or light flooring? Which palette would you choose if you had your pick?
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Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

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