Decor Inspired by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton has held many pivotal positions in the political sphere and has won over many of our hearts as an inspirational female figure of the 21st century. In the last few decades, Clinton has been known as the First Lady of Arkansas, the First Lady of the United States, United States Senator from New York, 2008 Presidential Candidate, and now the 67th Secretary of State. Throughout all of these positions, she remained true to her passions, and was a strong advocate for education and women's rights. We here at Homesessive are truly inspired by Hillary and all that she's done for our country.
In a video interview held with MAKERS, Clinton attributes her sense of resilience and hopefulness to her mother.  She speaks of how important both of her parents were in pushing her to succeed and take advantage of every opportunity that was made available to her.  Watch the full version of Hillary Rodham Clinton's interview as well as many other inspiring women here on our MAKERS website.  
Hillary went from being a first lady of Arkansas who took an active role in the states politics, to being the head of foreign affairs for the entire country. The progress she has made during her time in the political sphere is massive and it all began with small steps that evolved into pivotal differences. It's those same small improvements that can make a big change in the home sphere. Take cues from Clinton's political and stylish development in order to make your room timeless, yet impactful and full of innovation. 
View the slideshow above for some suggestions of small ideas that can create big changes in your home.

For more inspiration from Hillary Clinton, watch the video above and visit our sister site

Photo Credit: State Department

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