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How To Remove Candle Wax & 17 DIY Candles

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Candles. They can create a romantic atmosphere on your next dinner date or be the perfect disguise after a long trip to the bathroom. But as the hours wane on and your candle stays lit, wax will start to drip. If you can’t control your candles, here are three ways to get rid of the wax without damaging your furniture, carpet or candlesticks. Once your candlesticks or glass jars are clean, use them as vessels for your own DIY candles. Instead of forking over cash for candles, make your own!
View the slideshow above for some favorite candle crafts!
Remove Wax From Jars. Once your candle has burned away, there is usually residue wax left in the bottom of your jar or candlestick. To easily clean out the wax, freeze the jar or candlestick. Cold temperatures cause the wax to contract from the sides of the vessel, so it’s easy to scrape out with a dull knife. Once most of the wax is out, use a soft cloth to swab the inside of the jar with baby oil. This will clean up any remaining residue.
Remove Wax From Wood. If your candle has dripped wax onto a wooden piece of furniture, don’t worry – the wax won’t seriously damage your wood. To remove it, first place a newspaper over the candle wax. Plug in your clothes-iron and let it get warm but not hot. Once it’s warm, iron over the paper and wax. The paper will absorb the wax as it melts, removing it from your wooden table. Don’t let the iron get too hot, or you’ll start a fire.
Remove Wax From Carpet. First, fill a plastic bag with ice and lay it on top of the wax stain. Let the bag sit until you’re sure the wax is frozen. Then, scrape off the wax with a dull knife (a butter knife will work well). If residue is left, cover the wax stain with brown paper or a newspaper. Run a warm iron over the paper – the paper will absorb the wax once it melts. Once the wax is removed, vacuum your carpet.
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Photo Credit: Etsy/WeddingSundae

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