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House Painting Party

The easiest way to paint your walls in a day? Throw a painting party! A fun and funky alternative to the traditional housewarming, this festive fete requires just a few close friends, several cans of paint and supplies and a sensational cocktail party spread to reward your guests for their hard work. Go-Girl Guide author Julia Bourland shows you how to throw it all together.

First, the reality: When you invite your friends over to paint your walls, you may not get them painted in the exact way you might have done so solo. The perks, of course, are that you get the room painted much quicker and with a lot more spirit than you would doing the work all by your lonesome. If you go the communal route, you must place the emphasis on the party '- how else are you going to beg your friends for their help?

View the slideshow above for fun house painting party tips.

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