Good and Bad Insects For Your Garden

When it comes to gardening, it's common knowledge that with plants comes bugs! But just because insects tend to get a bad reputation, doesn't mean all insects are bad for your plants and flowers. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that some insects are actually extremely beneficial in helping you achieve your dream garden. That's why we've put together this list to help you discover which insects you should be kicking out of your space and which you should be welcoming in.
View the slideshow above for to discover the worst and best insects for your garden.

Contrary to popular belief, bumblebees make lovely garden guests. Though they may sting you or your family, they'll help to pollinate your garden  and make it look its best.  And who knew predatory stink bugs may do more harm than their smell implies. If you have a garden of your own or are planning on starting one, you'll want to know which insects are worth inviting.
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