The Five-Second Rule and Five Floor Cleaning Tips

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You just buttered a delicious slice of whole-wheat toast. Somehow, it slips from your hands and falls on the floor. You quickly glance around the room. You pick it up, do a quick inspection for hairs, and take a bite. Mmmm, tastes like innocence.
It’s happened to all of us. A recently washed fork, a slice of apple, a piece of candy. You drop it on the floor and use the five-second rule to justify that it’s still clean enough to eat. Wrong.
The truth is that regardless of whether food has been dropped for five seconds or five minutes, it’s going to acquire germs. Bacteria are instantly transferred from surface to food, according to a formal “5-second rule study” by Clemson University. So, the five-second rule is clearly not a safe way to assess the cleanliness of food.
We know the chances of you sacrificing that tasty slice of toast are slim – especially if it’s the last one. And, we know your kids probably don’t understand that the floor is not an acceptable eating surface. So, here are some tips to keep your floor clean and bacteria-free for those in your household who insist on eating off of it.
View the slideshow above for five floor cleaning tips!
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