Five Multifunctional Garden Tools

Have you ever used a bar of soap to clean your nails? Have you ever used a grapefruit knife to remove weeds? Well, you can. And you should. Gardening requires a lot of tools, which is why we wanted to teach you how to use the things you already have in a whole new way. So grab some styrofoam peanuts, and get ready to be incredibly resourceful
View the gallery above for new uses for your garden tools. 

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How to Start Your Own Greenhouse With a Seed Starter

Have you always wanted to start your own greenhouse, but never knew where to start? Don’t worry, with these easy steps you’ll be well on the way to creating a green haven you can be proud of! So, it's time to grab your garden gloves and get digging!

Price: $

Difficulty: EASY

How to Start Your Own Greenhouse With a Seed Starter
  1. To create your very own greenhouse, first choose a portion of your yard to grow your plants. Choose a large, spacious area so that your plants have adequate room to grow.
  2. Create the foundation for your greenhouse with your Home Depot Jiffy Seed Starter Greenhouse set. Use your garden shovel to dig tiny holes in your soil. Tip: Make sure to leave room between each seed and wear your garden gloves to stay germ-free!
  3. Firmly pat the soil around the seeds to ensure they are secure in the ground. The set includes 50 plants, so it is the perfect beginning to your greenhouse!
  4. Next, locate open areas around your planted seeds where you will plant your Bonnie Plants Organic Herb Beginner mix. Use your shovel to dig holes large enough for the pots.
  5. Once you dig the holes, insert the Bonnie plants into the holes and firmly pat the soil around the plants. The pots are biodegradable and will help you grow a variety of herbs—great ingredients to add to salads and other recipes.
  6. Now that the seeds and herbs are planted, it’s time to brighten up your greenhouse. Choose the sunniest area of your space and use your shovel to dig holes 24 inches apart.
  7. Plant your Home Depot Ferry-Morse Sunflower American Giant Seeds into each of the holes.
  8. Now that you’ve planted your seeds, remember to water them daily and soon enough you will have the perfect greenhouse to call your own!
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