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Entertaining Made Easy With David Tutera

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Craziest Party Theme Plan: Recreation of the Red Light District of Amsterdam.
Biggest Inspiration: His day-to-day life. “I see everything when I walk into a space in two seconds. It stores in my head like a rolodex.”
Favorite Wedding Planned: His aunt’s and his own weddings. “They were very personal to me”
Must-Have Wedding Item: Himself. “Me. But if you can’t get me, the other one thing you can’t live without is a fabulous dress.”
Favorite Part of Wedding Process: The transformation. “Turning the concept into a reality. My favorite part is always the first, final moment.”

View the slideshow above for a few of our favorite things from David!
“There’s no such thing as the perfect holiday.” Celebrity wedding planner, bridal fashion designer and style extraordinaire David Tutera popped in our home and made our jaws drop with that statement. We’re huge fans of David’s WE tv show, My Fair Wedding, so naturally we couldn’t wait to find out how he plans the most magnificent weddings for all types of brides with class and style. In our own entertaining world, we read pages and pages of articles and buy all the right books in efforts to create the “perfect” holiday for our family and friends. But more often than not, it falls short of flawless. According to David Tutera—that’s okay!

Everything started making sense when David clued us in to this philosophy saying, “It isn’t about being perfect. It’s about embracing it and having fun, keeping the process of entertaining simple… It’s simply putting the music on, having something to drink and eat: celebrating life.” A seemingly imperfect holiday is really what this season is all about. By spelling out and dissecting just what a party is, David helped us to see the easier we make entertaining, the more confidence we’ll have in inviting people over for the holidays. Once we come to the realization that we don’t have to be A-list home stylists from xyz glitzy magazine, true entertaining beauty comes alive. Take control of your home and take pride in your party by giving guests the best thing ever—memorable moments! David explains, “At the end of the day any good celebration captures a moment for people. That’s the trick is the moments for the attendees as well as the honorees.”

That special moment all starts with you, the host. Our concern for making sure guests are happy tends to make us… well, less than happy. By turning the attention away from the small details and toward the guests, the whole atmosphere of a party can change. David assures us, “It’s the trickle down effect from the host…  If the host is greeting you at the front door and mingling with their own guests at the party, people won’t have that moment of falling apart.” Start by taking time to jot down the ideas you envision for your party, buy just enough items, and set up the party in your free time hours in advance. David just can’t understand, “Why aren’t people setting up the party the night before?” To be honest, we can’t argue with that question. Your responsibility is to keep guests comfortable and to achieve that, you’ve got to be comfortably confident with your own party.

Biggest Entertaining Mistake: Being unprepared. “Not being ready. A host answers the door and he or she isn’t dressed or ready or there are things in the kitchen that aren’t prepared.”
Dull Party Fix: Music. “The energy is the music and sets the tone for the vibe of the party.” David suggests making a simple, personalized playlist to liven a party if a DJ or band doesn’t fit the budget.
Entertaining Faux Pas: Passed hors d'oeuvres. “I don’t particularly like when someone comes with a plate of food in front of my face. It makes me feel uncomfortable… and it’s also been in everyone else’s face.”

Besides from hearing his expert advice on holiday entertaining, we couldn’t help but sneak in a few questions about how David manages to create the ultimate dream weddings. What advice can the wedding planner (who actually rarely gets invited to weddings!) give? David’s wedding rules:

Hardest Part of Designing a Wedding: Bridal identity. “Not knowing the type of bride you are.” He also mentions it’s essential to have a small committee of 2-3 people who respect you.
Guest To Not Invite: Exes. “Your ex-boyfriend or your ex-bf’s mother… Keep the exes out of it.”
Wedding Must-Haves: Food and beverage. “That is your largest percentage of what you spend money ultimately on.” Coming in second and third to food and beverage, David believes no party is complete without visuals and music.

We simply couldn’t get enough of hearing David’s entertaining advice and insight on how he pulls off such fabulous weddings. But before he left, we were able to get in one last question we were dying to know: What’s on his Christmas list? We were shocked when he responded, “I never did a Christmas list… I like to be surprised.”

Tune in for quite a surprising season finale of My Fair Wedding, Saturday, December 15th at 9pm EST. We’re in for an over the top, misbehaved bride we can’t wait to watch! Thanks, David!! Our Home is Your Home. 

Photo Credit: Keith Morrison

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