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DIY Striped Halloween Candles!

I'm calling this a Halloween DIY, because I'm using these candles for our Halloween mantel- but really- who doesn't love a good stripe any time of year?
View the slideshow above for steps to make your own Halloween candlesticks.
A few weeks ago I came across some candlesticks selling on One King's Lane. To be honest, I've never purchased anything from the site because I'm Cheapo McCheaperson (though they do have some fabulous things!) but I do like to get on and browse from time to time. Well anyway, I came across these candlesticks and immediately knew I wanted to make my own. So first things first. Can you paint candles? Does it have to be a specific kind of paint? Are the candles safe to light after? I did a little research and this is what I've come up with.
Yes! You can paint candles. Some say you need to mix regular acrylic (craft) paint with candle painting medium in order for it to adhere to the candles. Others said this wasn't necessary. All you need to do is clean the candle with rubbing alcohol before painting. I couldn't find any of the medium in stores nearby and shipping was going to take a few weeks (no patience for that!) so I went with the rubbing alcohol. I haven't had any problems.
From what I read it is safe to light the candles if you use water-based paint. I'm definitely no expert so use caution please if you do decide to light 'er up!
Chances are most of you have all the supplies at home, and if not, this is a cheap little DIY regardless (see above: Cheapo McCheaperson).
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