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DIY Rose Shadow Box

Let me tell you a little story. Way back in high school I kept every  flower I was given. Recitals, school dances, you name it. They were dried all over my room, and when the time came, I even took some of them to college with me (so sorry roommates...) That was a different time for me, and while I know some people love to decorate with dried bouquets (which is great), it just doesn't work for me anymore.
View the slideshow above to learn how to make this beautiful rose shadow box.

But sometimes they're special and trashing them seems a little heartless- wedding bouquets anyone? So what do you do when they're just too sentimental to give the old heave ho- well here's the solution I came up with for mine.

My plan is to keep just one rose from any memorable flowers I receive (at least ones that will dry well)... I'm sure it will take many, many years to fill up this box, but that's kind of the idea.  I think it'll be really special someday down the road- a great keepsake and reminder of good times and important days.

Are you gagging yourself? Ha! Sorry... I knew this would be a sappy post. It is about roses after all.

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