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DIT Corkstrip Kid Art Gallery

I've got a little project to share from a recent update to our playroom! I'm so glad this room is finally getting some attention. Oh boy has it needed it. Sheesh. I don't call it slow decorating for nothing!

View the slideshow above to learn how to make this corkstrip kid art gallery.

Anyway, the reason I haven't done much was because I was really stuck on the direction I wanted to go. One day I'm thinking one thing... the next I've completely changed my mind. Does that happen to you?? Tell me I'm not the only one! Or rather, tell my husband I'm not the only one :)

I had created a black and white collage that was a little edgy and fun, and we all liked it. A few of the pieces have sentimental meaning, and I liked the collage on it's own, but ultimately it didn't contribute to the fun, creative aesthetic I want for our playroom. And it didn't really jive with the rest of our home either, to be honest. So out it went (no worries- all the art is getting recycled all over the house. Don't you love that?) and in came our art gallery.

That's when I thought about corkstrip. And the heavens smiled down on us, because my husband came across some for free about a day after I mentioned the idea to him. Brilliant.
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