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Décor Definitions: Paint Finishes

We've talked a lot about color this month, and when picking a paint, the hue certainly stands out as the main consideration. But once you've got a color, there's still that pesky question of sheen. The difference between a flat paint and a high-gloss paint is probably clear, but what about the difference between eggshell and satin? And which works better for your needs?

View the slideshow above to see what type of paint you should buy for your home.

Here are some basic considerations to help you figure out which finish is best for your needs:

  • The texture of your walls. The flatter the finish, the less the paint will show imperfections.
  • The light and space of the room. Flat finishes can help walls visually recede, and the color can appear deeper because of the low reflectivity. Higher gloss paints will be much more reflective and will help light move around the room.
  • What kind of wear, tear, and cleaning the wall will undergo. The higher the sheen, the easier to clean.

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