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Color Your World: Red

The color red is perhaps the most boldly daring and dramatic color of all. Red stops you in your tracks and demands attention. It often makes us think of stop signs, warning signals and fire engines. It is a versatile color with a vast number of connotations ranging from love and danger to sensuality and fear. Additionally, the color red often stands for courage, fire, masculinity, and energy.
Color can create emotional and even physical responses within us. Blue is a cool color, known for its calming and creative attributes. Red on the other hand is warm, active, and energizing! Our reactions to colors change our overall mood and sometimes even change things within our bodies such as our heart rates, blood pressure, and body temperature. It is even rumored to make you feel hungrier!
View the slideshow above to discover what the color red means and how to incorporate it in your home.
Embrace the positive and negative connotations of red by using these effects to your benefit! Use it in the bedroom to increase the sensuality of the room and boost your love life. Avoid it in children’s rooms, since little ones often don’t need any more energy than they already have. Adding red to your home décor makes a big statement and adds drama. But if you’re not quite ready to grab a bright red can of paint, adding a few pops of red décor to a room can have just the same dramatic effect!
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