Cleaning Myths Busted

When it comes to cleaning, there are countless tips and tricks shared amongst homeowners and experts. But how do you know which tricks will work and which are just myths? That's why we've compiled our list uncovering the truth behind the most common cleaning myths.
View the slideshow above for cleaning myths you need to wipe from your memory. 
We often like to stick to the housekeeping tricks of past generations. Whether it's a secret family recipe, using cutting boards shaped liked pigs, or the best way to make a bed, we use a lot of things that we never read in a book. Every family does things a little differently, and we all try to preserve these traditions throughout each generation.
The same goes for household cleaning tips. Tricks of the trade are shared amongst friends and passed down through generations. Unfortunately, some of these may be a little less than accurate. Ever been told not to vacuum too frequently or it will ruin your carpet? Or that cola products are a great way to clean your toilet? While grandma's recipes should never (ever) be altered, some of those old cleaning tips may need to be.
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