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To Buy Or Not To Buy a TV for Super Bowl

The image of the perfect Super Bowl party always has one central theme -- a gargantuan TV set up front and center, showing off in high detail the tackle's sweaty brow during the sacking.
View the slideshow for a few tips on buying a television, courtesy of Berman!
But with the state of ye olde economy, we had to ask: Is now the right time to put money down on an electronic dream for your Super Bowl party? If you have a little cash left from your holiday spending splurge, the answer is undoubtedly yes.
"January is traditionally a great time to buy a TV," Eileen McCooey, deputy electronics editor at Consumer Reports, told Holidash. "Retailers will be running big sales tied to the Super Bowl. They're also reducing prices at this time of year to clear out 2009 models and make room for the new sets that will be coming in."
And don't forget the economy (as if we could). Holiday sales were solid, with Master Card's Spending Pulse estimating electronic sales in December rose 7.3 percent over December of the previous year. But retailers are still largely in the hole.

"With the economic conditions being what they are, manufacturers and retailers alike see any opportunity to bring consumers into stores as a good one," David Berman, director of training for the Home Technology Specialists of America tells Holidash. "Virtually every one of these opportunities, including Super Bowl, generates aggressive pricing conditions."
Now the big question is simply which TV to buy.
"For a football game, you want a big screen," McCooey says. "We recommend at least 40 inches for most consumers for a main TV, and many would prefer something bigger, up to 50 inches. In a really big room, where you'll be sitting 10 feet or more from the set, upwards of 50 inches is a good idea."
The decision between LCD or plasma is easier at Super Bowl time. For football, plasma is the way to go. It offers better picture performance for sports-related content, Berman says. Looking at the bigger picture -- like that Oscar party? The LCD TVs hold their contrast better, and the potential for blur doesn't bother the average consumer.
If you don't have the cash now, don't put yourself in a bind. TV prices ebb and flow. Shawn Schwegman, Director of Marketing and Ecommerce at suggests waiting until spring. "These are the model transition months, and many TV retailers are itching to get rid of their TVs during these months in order to make room for the new models," he explains.

Will you be cashing in for your Super Bowl party?
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