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Bonnie and Clyde: Hideouts of the Outlaws

We celebrate the birthday of Bonnie and Clyde's leading lady, actress Faye Dunaway, January 14th. In 1976, she won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Network.  Known as the star of many classics like Chinatown, The Thomas Crown Affair, and most notably for her role as Bonnie Elizabeth Parker famous Depression era outlaw. With Faye Dunaways' birthday, and the award show season in full gear, we are reminded of the huge following of cult classic gangster films like Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather triology, Scarface, and of course Bonnie and Clyde.
What is it about outlaws that draws us in? Is it their keen fashion sense? Is it the way they live above the law? What's certain is their level of mystery in the midst of all their infamy. Pulling off their crimes sometimes meant living in incognito hideouts or they found no reason to hide, as they lived in lavish locations. Whatever the appeal may be, it's sure hard not to love a good bank robbing, gun-slinging outlaw tale!
View the slideshow above to see some of our most notorious criminals, and their hide-outs.
Photo Credit: Fotos International/Courtesy Getty Images

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