The Best Pillow for Your Sleep Style

Enough restless nights and cramped necks in the morning! We've got expert tips for buying the best pillows for all you tummy, side and back sleepers -- and yes, snorers and sweat-ers too.
View the slideshow above and discover how to find your perfect pillow!
I spend a lot of nights in hotel rooms when traveling for work, but even with all the pillows I've slept with, I have no clue what to buy for my own bed. From plushy down to foam inserts, I'm completely stuck. So I turned to the experts to find out what pillows are best and what are some dos and don'ts when shopping for the perfect pillow.
"Looking for pillows sounds fun on the one hand, but it's also annoying and aggravating," says Sherry Solomon, of 22 Bond St. in Los Angeles, which is where celebrities like Sheryl Crow turn for bedroom-focused design advice.
There are some general rules to consider when buying a pillow. For one, shop at a store with a bed that's set up. Then you can try out pillows on an actual bed, says Kristi Witt, an interior decorator in San Francisco. Jeffrey Gornstein, founder of in Newark, N.J, suggests that you don't buy a pillow that someone else recommends since he predicts you'll be disappointed. "Pillows are a very personal preference," he says.
Be wary of latex coverings. Low-quality latex often omits an odor and clumps up very quickly, cautions Lauri Ward, an eco-focused designer in Manhattan. She suggests investing in your pillows like you do bedding. (A pillowcase with a smooth feel also helps; those with a 300-thread-count or higher, she says, help decrease the appearance of facial wrinkles in the morning.)
For more tips to help you create the ultimate sleeping environment, check out Choosing Your Perfect Bed and Off to Buy a Mattress? 5 Questions to Ask.
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