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Artificial Christmas Trees: A Brief History

Though real Christmas trees aren't for everyone, few things can compare to the lovely sight and smell of an evergreen tree in your living room at Christmas time. However, some believe that using the same artificial Christmas tree year after year is more environmentally friendly than chopping down and discarding a live tree every year. And then there's the mess. Dropping needles, sticky pans of water and the hassle of disposing the Christmas tree after the holidays have led many to opt for artificial trees.
The idea for the first artificial Christmas tree was conceived in Germany in the 1880's. A response to the continued deforestation of the country, artificial trees made with goose feathers dyed green were introduced. The goose feather Christmas trees made their way to the United States and were popular during the 1920's.

In 1930, a brush company in the U.S. came up with a Christmas tree design that used brush bristles instead of feathers. These brush bristle trees were preferred over the goose feather ones for the simple fact that they were more sturdy and less flammable.
Artificial Christmas trees took a garish turn in the 1950's when the first aluminum tree was introduced in Chicago. These shiny silver colored trees consisted of foil branches and aluminum needles attached to a central pole. These trees required painstaking assembly and were hugely popular well into the 1970's.
Today, most artificial Christmas trees are made from PVC plastic. They look more realistic than ever and come in a variety of styles and colors. Some come complete with fake snow, pre-installed lights and that real Christmas tree smell. Many can be purchased pre-assembled and require very little effort to install.
In addition to the traditional green plastic Christmas tree, today you can find a variety of other types of artificial trees. From quirky upside down trees to futuristic fiber optic ones, you are sure to find an artificial tree that suits your personality and taste.
What's your favorite kind of Christmas tree? View the slideshow above to check out out a few of ours!
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Photo Credit: flickr/puliarf

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