7 Reasons Your Boss's Office Decor Gets Your Respect - And The Secret to Copying It

It’s not just the suit that makes the executive – it’s the office, too. The right office décor is essential for those in management positions. Office design and arrangement sets the tone for a meeting and even how employees treat their bosses. Though we often overlook this detail, we can all admit there’s a distinct feeling when standing in an exec’s office. Yes, there could be a little intimidation because they are your superior, but it also has a lot to do with how a CEO’s office is decorated.

Now, office style does vary from company to company or executive to executive, but there generally a few rules of thumb traditional managerial offices adhere to. Décor in an executive office is generally sleek, efficient and charming. When it comes to Fortune 500 CEOs, their desks almost always look like a command center and are never pushed against a wall. Arranging a desk near the wall shows giant obstacles and dependence. A freestanding desk towards the middle of the room symbolizes control and confidence. And unlike an employee’s desk, an executive’s desk is relatively spare and free of a computer monitor. Instead of hiding behind a computer, they are front and center and ready to take on any conversation or problem.

Why else do we respect our bosses’ offices? Well, cleanliness is next to trustworthiness. Based on a study published by Marketo, 57% of American workers admit they judge their coworkers by how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces. A stylish, yet well-kept executive office is one of the first indicators people feel they should highly regard their bosses. Even though research shows disorderly environments can elicit creativity, we’re quick to think people with messy offices are also clutter-brained and therefore can’t be relied on. An initial question is how can someone handle a company if they can’t handle operating their own office. Instead, executive offices are the model of efficiency with just the right amount of family photos, artwork, furniture and plant life. In an executive office, everything has its purpose – and its place – positively affecting the way they work, and how you perceive them. It’s all in the décor when it comes down to closing the deal!


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The early twenties begins with the somewhat rocky transition to the real world. Graduation? Check. Job? Check. Lavish living? Not quite yet. Missing the easy college living is par for the course. Moving out of that childhood bedroom and in with roommates is the first step to be able to becoming who you are and embracing your first home.


This might be the first time you get to know your personal design tastes. Start picking items for your home that reflect your personal style even if it seems eclectic at first.
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Organization & Cleaning

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