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5 Ideas for Reviving the Potluck Dinner Party

When you think potluck dinner does it conjure images of church basements filled with blue-haired grannies and an assortment of Jello salads? Well, strike that image from your mind. Potluck dinners are making a comeback in neighborhoods all over the country.
With the economy taking a downturn many of us are trying to entertain on a budget. Gone are the expensive dinners out with friends. Gone are the catered dinner parties. More and more of us are turning to casual entertaining, the sort where we can wear our flip flops and bring the children along. What better time than to revive the potluck dinner.
View the slideshow above for some ideas for organizing a potluck dinner at your home!
In my neighborhood we have impromptu potluck dinners almost every weekend. The food is completely random, often leftovers we have had from the previous week remade into a new dish. We put all of the food out and let the kids run around and graze whenever they feel like it. The adults kick back with adult drinks and just relax. You, however, might want to be more formal and organized than us and do a bit of advance planning.
The best potluck dinners have some sort of organization by the host. That is unless you want five pans of brownies. Because isn't that usually the default dish that everyone bring to parties -- brownies. Run out of time? Brownies. Run out of ideas? Brownies. Just plain lazy? Brownies.
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