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20 Useful Things To Do With Bed Sheets

I tend to be a pack rat. I save everything. Well, of course I will use that someday. My husband always asks what I am going to do with that. Lately, when he asks if I can use something, the word yes always come out of my mouth, even when I mean no.

For years, I have been saving all my old bed sheets. I have quite the pile stacked up in my linen closet. I decided to do some searching to see if I could come up with some ways to reduce my pile and I found a list of 20 things to do with old bed sheets at Simply Thrifty. I knew of some of the ideas from my childhood and have used many of them as an adult. My parents used to cover all our garden plants and our grape vines with old sheets. My mom would take old bed sheets and the clothes we had outgrown and make rag rugs. I used to use them as a ground cover when I wanted to tan, as grease rags, cleaning cloths, dust rags as curtains and valances. At this very moment, I have a folded sheet hanging from Savana's window over the blinds so that I don't get woke up at 5 am just because the sun shine woke her up.

View the slideshow above for the list of surprising bed sheet uses.

I love all these ideas and will utilize them as much as will fit into my lifestyle.

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