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10 Ways We Created A Kid-Friendly House (Babyproofing!)

Cullen was an early mover. He was crawling at five months, and walking by nine. Because of this, I felt like I got kind of jipped out of some extra baby months. While other moms still had baby lumps they could sit and shake toys at while they sipped their coffee, I was running around hiding cords, elevating breakables, and throwing my body across the open top of our staircase. We realized pretty quickly that we needed to do some serious babyproofing.
I know a lot of parents who give babyproofing sort of a half effort. Sure, they remove the obvious threats, but a lot of things remain, and they end up exhausted and frustrated because they are constantly dragging toddlers away from dangerous spaces or fishing quarters out of their mouths. We learned early on that the best choice for us was do a comprehensive, complete job of babyproofing.
The babyproofing years are relatively short, so for a few years we can handle having coffee tables void of fancy tablescapes, and a few less trinkets and large glass pieces around. In the bigger picture, it’s not a big deal. And because we’ve removed all the potential danger zones in our house, we now have a space where we can totally relax. I’m much more productive and efficient because I can let Cullen wander with a bit of freedom (for short bits of time), and I don’t really have to worry what he will get into. Our second floor is 100% babyproofed, and because of that I can fold laundry while Cullen plays in his room, or he can run around my bedroom while I’m sorting his diapers.
View the slideshow above for the 10 things we did to help make our house more kid-friendly!
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