Treehouses for Grown-Ups

Baumraum makes treehouses. But, not just any type of treehouse...this isn't the one you and your dad could whip up in a weekend with some leftover wood and rusty nails. This is a real treehouse; one that you could live in!

Traditionally, treehouses have been for children as a fun way to start secret clubs, camp in the backyard or just hide from Mom when it was time to do chores. However, Baumraum took the idea behind treehouses and expanded it to meet the needs of adults, too. These treehouses are fit for an adult retreat, a romantic getaway or even a very unique home office.

Each treehouse is prefabricated, so it can be fitted with whatever fixed furniture you'd like. It can be insulated to protect from the elements, and even wired so you can work and stay connected, while you're way up high. Baumraum offers a wide selection of add-ons including seating and reclining areas, storage space, a mini-kitchen, heating, lighting, entertainment electronics like a flatscreen tv and a minibar, as well as windows facing in all directions. So, basically, you can buy yourself a prefab mini home in the sky.

But what about the trees and the environment, which is on everyone's mind these days. Good news: Baumraum is environmentally conscious. The treehouses are offered in a range of sustainable materials, such as FSC-certified tropical wood. However, their number one concern is making sure that the surrounding trees are not injured or compromised when building and installing the treehouse. No nails or screws are used for installation. Instead, Baumraum uses textile belts and adjustable steel cables that do not cause any harm to the trees.

So, this begs the question -- would you live in this treehouse?
Photo Credit: Design Milk

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