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Study Finds Technology Has Increased Plagiarism

Plagiarism, or using another person's words or ideas without giving credit, is highly frowned upon in schools across the nation and often results in extreme disciplinary actions for those who partake. Yet, according to a recent study by Two Pew Research, students continue to partake in this form of cheating despite the repercussions. The research indicates that the growth and development of technology and the Internet have, in fact, made it easier for students to cheat.
As reported by TechNewsDaily, the report found "that 55 percent of college presidents said they noticed an increase in plagiarism over the past decade, and 89% of that group said technology has played a major role." Some believe this increase is due to the the growing number of online courses offered by colleges and universities. According to, the reason may be simple ease as it says "some educators argue that the ease with which one can 'copy and paste' information makes it too tempting for students to do just that." No matter the reason, the numbers show that plagiarism has definitely increased despite the dutiful efforts of higher educators.
Moving forward, it is undeniable that technology in the classroom will continue to increase as new developments are made. Yet, how the technology is used is a question that may need deserve closer attention and stronger consideration. 
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