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Make the Bedding of Your Dreams…

Looking for a way to liven up your bedding without having to go shopping? Look at what you can do with set of solid-color sheets and stencils from Stencil1. We used our Headphones stencil on the pillows cases and coupled it with the Graffiti Mini Set #1 on the flat sheet. It’s the perfect weekend project for you, you and your sweetie,  or the whole family.


The stencils are available individually at or some such as the headphones are one of 25 designs in our book Stencil101. Stencil Style 101 also has designs that are great for sprucing up apparel and home decor!



Various Stencils


Here’s what you need and how to do it:

Materials: pillowcase, stencil, fabric paint, stencil brush, painter’s tape or spray adhesive, iron, cardboard or shirt box.

1. Choose your pillowcase: You can use a cotton standard bed pillowcase or a canvas throw pillow case for this project.

2. Prep the pillowcase: Insert a sheet of cardboard into the case to stretch the pillowcase flat and provide a flat surface to stencil on.

3. Position your stencil: You may wish to hold the stencil in place with a low tack spray adhesive or painters tape.

4. Begin painting: Using fabric paint and stencil brush, carefully paint in the stencil open areas using a pouncing motion. It’s best to use a non-toxic fabric paint rather than experimenting with spray paint or other paints given that you’ll be sleeping on it. Once completed, lift the stencil to see your design.

5. Finishing: Heat seal the painted design by using a hairdryer for 2 minutes then ironing the pillowcase inside out.


Read more from Stencil1 here.


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