Is It Worth It?: Calculate Cost Per Year For That Couch You Want

We sit on it, sleep on it, cuddle on it and, sadly, occasionally spill on it, too. A couch is the quintessential home furniture item. It’s needs to be strong enough to withstand wear and tear, yet fashionable enough to fit your fashionable décor.

Purchasing the right couch for your budget and needs all comes down to simple math and consideration about your life stage becomes a conditional factor. According to Homesessive Contributor and shopping expert, Jennifer Litwin, a good couch should last you about 10 to 15 years. The easiest way to calculate cost per year for your couch is to divide the price of the couch by 10 years. If you buy a quality couch at approximately $1,000 and own it for 10 years, the cost per year would be $100. With that in mind, if you’re settling into a family home, sofas priced in the midrange of $2,000 and $4,000 with quality craftsmanship should be considered. 

However, if you're in a life stage where you’re moving every few years, it’s not the time to invest in an expensive sofa. Purchasing a $1,000 couch you only plan to keep for 3 years will cost you about $334 per year--not quite the best bang for your buck. Between all the moving and nomadic living, it’s bound to get beat up and lose its luster. This case is the one scenario it’s okay to cut corners and spend below $1,000 for a sofa. The more temporary your living situation, the less you should spend on important furniture like a couch.

Keep these six tips in mind for buying the right couch for you:

Understand Your Budget
Before looking at designs, be honest with yourself in regards to your budget. This will help you have a more realistic idea of where to shop and allow you to set minimums and maximum amounts you’re looking to spend.

Things to Consider
The first thing to consider that will help determine if the couch is worth the investment is the purchase price. Whether you choose new or used, the amount of money you will initially pay for the sofa is usually a good indicator of its value.

The Quality of the Couch
Strongly consider the quality of a sofa before you make the decision to buy. A couch in good condition should be solid, heavy and appear like new. But don’t let appearance alone fool you, be critical when it comes to the material the sofa is made from.

Analyze the Material of the Frame and Springs
Sturdy couch frames are a huge factor in the overall quality of the piece of furniture. For instance, hardwood including oak, birch and maple are usually safe bets as their durable.  Likewise, couch springs should be made from material that is dependable.

Consider the Life of the Couch
If you choose to go the used couch route, it’s crucial to learn how long the couch has been used by its previous owners. No matter its condition, all furniture loses value over time—couches, especially. The longer a couch has been used, the less value it is and the less you should pay for it—despite it’s condition.

Take Into Account Your Lifestyle
When choosing the couch to buy, it’s also important to consider how you plan to use it. Think of your lifestyle and how the couch will most likely be used. Will it be a place you frequently take naps on? Then you’ll need to choose a sofa with adequate space. If you often have friends over for movie nights, make sure to choose fabric that’s easy to clean. 
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