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How To Transform a Messy Kid's Room In 5 Easy Steps

There’s no denying it, children can be some of the messiest and untidiest of creatures at times! Whether it’s leaving their toys throughout the house or having schoolwork scattered across the floor, most kids seem to have a skill in making any room look like tornado has just swept over it. Getting their room organized is actually easier than you think so we’ve rounded up 5 easy and practical tips to get their bedrooms in tip top shape!

A Place For Everything
Many children leave toys, games and clothes sprawled across their bedroom floor because they just don’t have enough space to store everything. Investing in spacious wardrobes and additional shelving areas will provide tons of space for children to tidy up after themselves.

Choose Versatile Furniture
If space is a little tight in your child’s bedroom, choosing versatile furniture that serves a number of functions will help save space and provide valuable additional storage. You may want to consider thuka beds for children that are raised from the ground in a mid-sleeper design that provides lots of storage space to put in an extra set of drawers or even a desk underneath.

Reward Your Kids
To get them into the routine of tidying up, use little rewards at the end of each month to help them to continue tidying their bedroom. Make sure to have big trunks where they can throw in their toys and games for easy access and easy clean up.

Keep Only What You Need
Sometimes our children’s bedrooms are so messy because they simply have too many toys and clothes – find out what toys they play with and clothes they wear and store the rest away in the attic or basement. Another good idea is to use a ‘seasonal wardrobe system’. If it’s winter, make sure that all of their summer clothes are stored away – and vice versa come summer!

Create A Dedicated Study Area
As well as having a place to play, children also need an area to focus on their schoolwork. A dedicated study area with a desk, chair and stationary will help your children to study and stay organized.

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