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How to Prolong the Life of a Carved Pumpkin

Have you ever carved a pumpkin and the next day it was a wilted mess and you couldn’t hardly tell what you had carved in it anymore? Well, all your pumpkin needs is a cool bath. We blow up the kiddie pool to soak our pumpkins twice a day for an hour or two at a time. When you take them out to dry, you need to put them upside down so that the water completely runs out. Otherwise the water will pool in the bottom of the pumpkin and create a perfect habitat for mildew. Mildew=disgusting, smelly, slimy pumpkins. There’s nothing worse than that in my opinion.
We add a little bleach (or chlorine in our case) to the water to prevent mildew and let them soak up the water for a few hours. When you get them out they will be as good as new again. Soaking the pumpkins isn’t a permanent fix and the pumpkins only last a maximum 3-5 days depending on the outside temperature, but it prolongs the life of your pumpkin tremendously.
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