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How to Make Acme Party Box's Paper Flower Garland

They say print is dead.

But here’s some news you can use: The ladies at Palo Alto’s Acme Party Box Company have a way to create paper flower garlands from your old magazines — a perfectly affordable decoration for your next headline-making soiree.
You will need
Glue stick
Glass of wine and fun friends (optional, but recommended)
For the flowers
1. Tear several pages from a text-heavy magazine (like The New Yorker).
2. Cut circles of many sizes from pages, making sure that text is predominant on both sides.
3. Cut petal shapes, zigzags, or fringe around the circumference of each circle. Don’t worry about being perfect.
4. Use a pencil to fold or roll petals forward or backward to create dimension. Adjust as you like.
5. Using smaller circles, cut a snip from the edge to the center, and then overlap cut edges to create a cone. Glue in place. Using your fingertip, press the point flat for easier gluing during assembly.
6. Layer the circles one on top of another, creating a three-dimensional flower. When you like what you see, glue together with a dot from your glue stick in the center of each circle. Fold, crumple, and recut until you’re happy.
For the stamen
1. Cut a “grassy” fringe along one edge of small rectangular piece of paper.
2. Roll rectangle around pencil, creating a fringy cylinder. Cut a tab at the nonfringed end and glue to the center of the flower. (To make a daffodil, use a cone for the top layer of your flower, and glue stamen to the center of the cone.)
For the garland
1. Thread a large, sharp embroidery needle with string or thin ribbon and pierce the back of each flower, coming up near the center and returning to the back of the flower, creating a single stitch.
2. Tie a small knot to keep the flower from sliding along the ribbon. String additional flowers in the same way.
And if you’re not the DIY type, check out Acme, Town and Country Shopping Center, 855 El Camino Real, at Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto (650-618-4862 or
Photo Credit: Acme Party Box Company
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