Holiday Hosting Made Easy: Revelry House Tells Us Their Expert Entertaining Tips

The holidays are prime time for entertaining guests. With entertaining on the brain, we knew we had to catch up with Revelry House, the ultimate resource for stylish entertaining. Co-founded by Lauren Bosworth and Christianne Amodio, Revelry House (RH) provides party essentials and hosting tips for soiree success. They understand that when it comes to the modern host, “Nobody has time to build a pinecone centerpiece anymore,” yet every party deserves a special touch.

With their signature party in a box product, Revelry House is making hosting easy – and fun – again. RH gives you everything you need to throw the perfect event from a bridal shower to your New Year’s Eve party, which is actually on sale right now!

We caught up with co-founder Lauren Bosworth for all the best holiday entertaining tips and discovered why prepping for a party is just like baking a cake:

Homesessive (H): When did you first fall in love with hosting?
Lauren Bosworth (LB): Oh gosh, years ago. I grew up cooking with my mom. She made dinner at home almost every night of the week and had her friends over almost all the time. So I really grew up in that environment. It could be five o’clock, I’ll invite friends over, and a couple of hours later I’ll have dinner on the table and it’s a dinner party. So, for me it’s something that I have always been doing. I feel like it was bred into me, it’s who I am. I don’t know anything different.

H: We love how Revelry House is bringing entertaining back! What do you feel is a timeless element that needs to be revived today?
LB: The idea of polite dinner conversation is something that definitely needs to come back to the table. It is the job of a host and hostess to really create conversation, introduce people to one another. You want people to feel comfortable at your party. People have stuff that they’re excited to share, but I feel like they frequently need a nudge from the host or hostess to feel comfortable talking to strangers. So what we like to do is sit strangers next to each other and the get the conversation started. And I would say a glass of champagne is definitely an additional aid that is helpful.

H: We seriously can't get enough of your party collections. What is RH's creative process when putting together a party collection?
LB: We like to throw practice parties. We kind of gather the products that we would like to feature in a box. And we literally use them at a party that we throw. And the stuff that’s completely gone and empty by the end, we know that that should definitely go into the box. So we definitely give things a trial run. And the great thing about a Revelry House box is that more than anything, it’s experiential and it’s useful. We feel like it’s a guided experience so you can’t fail.

H: What's the best way to prep for a party?
LB: Preparing for a party is really, really important. It’s just like you would prepare to bake a cake. You need to have all the ingredients out on the table and be prepared to execute when the time is right. You need to give yourself a couple of hours to set up. If you don’t have a couple of hours to set up… the best thing to do is create a lighting scene at your apartment. Turn the lights off, light candles, create a little bar and you’ll be ready to go.

H: What do you do when you are short on time and feeling flustered?
LB: If you have an hour you need to order in — as in your dinner. You need to turn off the lights and set the mood. You need to close doors to rooms that are messy that you don’t want people in. You need to fluff up the pillows on your couch and you need to light some candles. Other than that a temporary bar is really important. Have a couple different bottles of liquor set up with some glasses put out… and that’s where you should spend the majority of your time and energy. People do want a cocktail when they arrive at your party.

H: In the midst of getting things ready, what do many hosts forget to do?
LB: Get a bag of ice. When I go to a party I like to bring a bottle of wine, some flowers and a bag of ice. I feel like that goes over really well.

H: After all of the prep is said and done, what makes hosting a party worth it?
LB: It’s that special moment where you can feel like everyone is genuinely enjoying each other. You want them to feel like they’re at home – so it’s important to set the scene, to make these people comfortable in any room and to feel like they’re in their own house.

H: Are there any movies or songs that get RH into the hosting mood?
LB: When we want to have a lot of fun, we really do love Sofia Coppola’s "Marie Antoinette." From a visual perspective, that movie is so beautiful and the energy is so high. Marie is young and living opulently. Everyone wants to feel special and opulent sometimes and we kind of like to make our parties glitter in the same way that Marie did.

H: How do you balance being a good host with having fun at your own party?
LB: I prefer to host the party, mostly because I’m kind of a homebody. But I find that you have to find time to relax in the same way that your guests are. You need to put yourself in a chair and have a glass of wine and get engrossed in conversation and just let the rest of it go. You don’t need to start cleaning your party up an hour into the event. When people offer to help you, say 'Yes!' Accept help when it’s offered and just try to sit back and enjoy yourself in the same that your guests are.

H: What is a sign that your party décor is too over the top?
LB: This is a hard question, because we love things at Revelry. If you have four patterns going, three-plus colors, your flowers don’t make any sense and your room looks like a rainbow exploded on it – you probably have too much party décor going. People are actually surprised how beautiful a home looks, when first and foremost, you clean up your house. Second you light basic white tea candles. Third, you have basic white flowers set out. And beyond that, two napkins. That’s all you really need.
Happy Holiday Entertaining!

Check out Revelry House and their gorgeous collections here.

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