HGTV Stars' 10 Tips For Easy Seasonal Updates

Summer is over. (Sigh.) But here's the exciting news. A new season means it's time to decorate! And HGTV's design hosts with the most Vern Yip and Kim Myles are here to help with their go-to tips for updating your decor for the season in a cinch.

1. Use Mirrors
Sadly, the winter and fall months typically mean dreary, dark weather. So make absolute use of the light you do get with one of Kim's favorite tricks: mirrors. Search your attic for mix-matched shapes and sizes to group together on one wall "for an installation of a glittery, light-reflecting surface," Kim says. Paint the frames the same color or finish (if they're not already) for a cohesive display.
2. Let There Be Light
Another tip for lightening up inside when it's gray outside? Change up your lighting. "Lighting can be so dramatic and really create a special glow for dreary days," Vern says. "And there are tons of cool affordable lights out there so you don't have to empty your wallet to have an impact." One of Vern's favorites is the Oversized Equator Pendant (34.25 inches in diameter) from CB2. "For less than $200 you have a real statement piece that creates a beautiful glow," he says.
3. Transform Wood Accents
Often during these months, people think woodsy touches -- fall leaves and natural wood accents, it makes sense right? Not necessarily. "I absolutely abhor anything that is knotty pine," Kim says. "But we all tend to have a piece or two in our attic, or can find one on the cheap at a thrift store." Hit the piece with a high-gloss coat of paint, whether black, white or your fave fall color. "It's amazing how transformational even a small piece can be with just a simple coat of paint."
4. Repurpose
Make Mother Nature proud with your seasonal updates by repurposing items you already own. "Look for things hidden away in your attic or storage closet with fresh eyes and think of new ways to use them," Vern says. For instance, knit throw pillows are a hot item for the season, but not everyone wants to fork out the dough. "If you're handy, you can create your own toss pillows from old sweaters," Vern suggests.
5. Don't Forget the Front Door
When guests drop by, make sure the first thing they see is a sign of the season. "Addressing the front door is really important," Vern says. "But you don't have to go out and buy an expensive wreath." Make a swag from some yard clippings and tie some apples onto it or create a simple wreath from fallen leaves out back, he suggests. "Do something with impact so guests are greeted with something warm and inviting."

6. Add Color
The most "duh" seasonal update is color. So if you're handy with a paintbrush, you really should just face your walls and go for it. But no need to go all the way. "Make a bite-sized tweak that'll have some impact," Kim says. "Pick a wall that needs a little bit of lovin', choose a color you think you'll like, divide the wall into thirds and paint the middle panel floor to ceiling." The color band acts as an anchor and is a great place to stage a sofa and a mirror or art. Plus, it's a super-simple way to get a bold jolt of color. "Worst case scenario?" Kim says. "If you hate the color, it's easy to paint over it."
7. Change Up the Throw Pillows
Busy and no time for a full décor overhaul? "The most simple way to add seasonal color into a room is smaller accents like throw pillows, blankets and vases," Vern says. "Pick accents in saturated colors because a little can go a long way."

8. Skip the Obvious
Don't assume that fall color equals oranges and browns. The "it" color of the season, straight from Kim's mouth, is green. "Celery green, celadon or even deeper darker greens," Kim says. "Choose a shade that is calming to you." If you're too commitment phobic to paint a wall, Kim has an easy trick for adding a pop of green: Display a green-glass collection on a sideboard or mantel. EBay is a great source or rummage your local thrift stores or yard sales.
9. Even if you're no Monet, follow Kim's lead to get some one-of-a-kind seasonal artwork.
Pick up a primed canvas from Michael's or Blick on the cheap. Paint the whole canvas one color, then using your fall accent hue (celadon, perhaps?) mask out the silhouette of a branch or leaf. "If a graphic is too much for you, it's amazing how just a single color (like fuchsia) creates a dramatic backdrop for what's on your entry table -- a candle, a vase of branches or flowers and you're done," Kim says. When the season changes again (because inevitably, it will) simply paint over the canvas for a new look.
10. Think Color and Textures
Updating your home for the season isn't just about colors and textures. "Think of design from a three-dimensional standpoint," Vern says. "It's not just about sight and touch, it's about smell too!" What does fall smell like to you? Pumpkin pie? Cranberries? Pine? Whatever it is, fill your home with the smells of the season.
Photo Credit: HGTV

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