Experiences in Mindful Spending: Lessons From the Editors

When it comes to renovating, it can be hard to achieve the look you want while staying within your budget. Believe me when I say, as part of a couple that loves to splurge—my husband and I learned quickly to consider mindful spending!

As of last month, my husband and I officially became homeowners. The idea of moving out of a cramped apartment into our first real home is not only exciting, but is proving to be quite the challenge! We've decided to renovate our first floor before fully moving in, which has led to a new laundry list of choices to make. We find ourselves scrutinizing each of our decisions in terms of practicality, style and most importantly—budget.

In the first stage of the renovation, we are redoing the flooring in hopes of refreshing the look and feel of the space. And with this step came our first lesson in mindful spending. From choosing the color for the wood to the right contractor, every part of the decision was carefully thought out and analyzed.

Here are a few of the lessons we learned when beginning our renovation process:

Choose a Company You Trust
As this was the beginning stage of our first floor renovation, we were nervous in choosing a company. How would we know if they were reliable or if their prices were reasonable? We learned to use our resources and asked our friends and family for recommendations. In our case, we went with a contractor highly recommended by a close friend and both the price and results were worth it. We felt good about how much we spent, knowing it was within our budget and the work would be quality.

Consider Your Lifestyle
When renovating any part of your home, don’t forget to consider your lifestyle. However, this can be easier said than done when having to choose different styles for your home. For instance, I fell in love with a lighter color choice for our floor. But I knew for our lifestyle, in which we're constantly rushing around, this choice would result in scuffed up floors and dirt marks. Not to mention our dog would destroy it! Considering this, we chose the darker Jacobean shade below, making a mindful spending choice we knew was more practical.

Be Patient
You can’t rush renovation—which is probably the hardest lesson for me to remember. Renovating a home, no matter how little, takes time and hard work. Hurrying through any part of the project will not only affect the results, but make your spending not worth the investment. Though I’m anxiously counting down the days my husband and I can move in, I know that having patience will make the finished product and dollars spent more than worth it! 

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