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Exclusive Chat With Photographer and Writer Leslie Williamson!

Here at Homesessive, we love all things design and inspiration. So naturally, getting the chance to speak with photographer and author Leslie Williamson was a dream come true!
A Little About Leslie
Based in San Francisco, Leslie is a talented and active photographer whose passion lies in design, interiors and architecture.  Through her photography, she captures the world around her with admirable clarity and grace. After finishing school, Leslie undertook one of many personal projects where she traveled around the country to photograph iconic homes whose designs spoke to her. And we’re glad she did because her inspirational journey resulted in creation of her first book, “Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Mid-century Designers.”
View the slideshow above for a sneak peak into Leslie's new book.
Take Two!
And now, Leslie’s back at it again! After traveling the country and chronicling the beautiful architecture she found, Leslie’s setting her sights a little further from home this time around… Europe! She is currently working on her second publication and sequel to her original, which includes original photography of homes and studios of some of the most notable European architects and designers of the mid 20th century.
We asked… she answered:
As we’re big fans of her first book, we can’t wait to see European architecture through Leslie’s eyes.  Either can you? Check out more about her second book here and help Leslie bring her journey to life! But while you eagerly await the arrival of her story, we’ll share a little insight into what we learned from the creative Leslie Williamson (we even got the scoop about her own home!)
The First Time Around
Homesessive: You’re first book, Handcrafted Modern, sold out in only three months! What was your reaction when you found out it was already off the shelves?
Leslie Williamson: I was actually just so surprised! It had never occurred to me to even hope for such a thing. I was so involved in making beautiful images and I just really wanted people to see them and see how amazing these designers and architects were that I never really thought about sales. So it was a complete and lovely surprise!
H: What is the process you take in deciding which homes you want to shoot, especially considering the vast group of potential subjects?
LW: First and foremost is I have to love the designer/architect’s work. The home has to be still lived in, or in tact as to when the person was living there. I can pretty much walk into a home and know within 5 minutes whether it is right for the project or not. I just get a feeling…
Leslie ... At Home
H: If you were able to take one piece into your home from all of the visited locations, what would it be?
LW: The things that I most love about the homes are the lives that have been lived there and the stories that go along with that. Those things are intangible and the joy is actually being in the space. I wouldn’t mind having an original Carlo Mollino chair, though…
H: With all of your trips around the globe photographing designer homes and portraits, how do you keep up with your own home?
LW: I have to be honest. Sometimes I don’t. Being away for months at a time makes certain things about keeping a home difficult. My garden comes to mind first. When I am gone I just try and cover everything and protect things from dust. What else can you do? When I return I do always go through a re-nesting process. I clean the rooms and settle back in. It is almost like moving in again.
Give Us the Dirt!
H: What is your favorite part of your new, upcoming book?
LW: That is like choosing your favorite child – absolutely impossible. I really love all these homes and designers. That is why I sought them out and photographed their homes.
H: Between your shoots in the United States and Europe, what did you find to be the biggest difference in the style of homes?
LW: I don’t really feel like there was a big difference between the homes in the US and Europe. We are all just people and we live relatively the same between the US and Europe in terms of houses. Quality of life is a different matter.  I look forward to photographing homes in a culture that is completely different someday soon. I’d love to shoot an igloo! That would be fascinating!
Who knows, maybe book number three? We can only hope! Until then, find out more about "Handcrafted Modern Europe: At Home with Mid-century Designers" here.
Photo Credit: Leslie Williamson

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