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Exclusive Chat With Martyn Lawrence Bullard From Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators!

Quick Facts About Martyn Lawrence Bullard

  • Favorite Décor Project: Elton John’s Home “To work with somebody that has the most outstanding art collection and create interiors around that has got to be one of the most exciting things that I could ever do.”
  • Favorite Color To Use: Red “I love red because it brings vitality into spaces.”
  • Favorite Places To Shop: Pottery Barn, ABC Carpet, West Elm
  • Favorite Room To Decorate: Living Room “To me the living room is always the most exciting room because that’s where you really get to create drama.”
  • Most Challenging Project: Cher’s Malibu House
  • One Item You Can’t Live Without: His new puppy “She’s so perfectly colored and matches by décor perfectly. She is the finishing touch to my couch!”

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A Little About Martyn
You can’t talk about interior design without mentioning his name. He’s got enviable style, refined sophistication, and the cutest puppy Daisy as the best home accessory. His creativity knows no boundaries from his own design services to a collection of indoor and outdoor fabrics, wallpaper, candles, furniture, rugs and a book to boast Live, Love, & Decorate. With A-List clientele spanning from Sir Elton John, Edward Norton, the Osbournes, Patti La Belle and commercial projects such as Jimmy Choo Stores worldwide and the Colony Palms Hotel—Martyn Lawrence Bullard does it all.
With a resume like that, how could we contain our excitement when Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators star Martyn came to visit our home! His most recent project with One Kings Lane swept us off of our feet as he created an amazing explosion working with co-star and décor expert Mary McDonald. Inspired by the colors, patterns, and unique hand-made items, India was “an explosion to the senses” for Martyn and Mary to pull into their amazing collection inspired by traditional Indian design.
A Designer's Inspiration
We were so, so, so enchanted by Martyn’s latest collection we just had to find out more about how he creates such sophisticated designs both on and off screen. Bullard is a genius when it comes to design, but he attests it to inspiration from designers such as David Hicks and Lorenzo Mongiardino, captivating aromas, food, and everything he experiences around him each day. Most of all, however, it’s the people he works with and his fans that stirs his creative juices. “You’ve got passion from the viewers, passion from the fans, and it’s just a wonderful, wonderful thing to know that you’re reaching out to people, showing people what I love and having them love it back. That connection is amazing,” he said. Couldn’t agree with Martyn more!
The Dos’ and Don’ts of Design
As ones who are constantly tidying up their own home, we know decorating can’t always be as pretty as Martyn makes it look. We asked Martyn for a sneak peek into his bag of tricks and things to watch out for on our path of projects. Here’s what he clued us in on:
DO pick a color you look good in.
“You know, one of the things with picking paint colors is that you want to pick paint colors 1.) You look good in because it’s your house, your rooms. So when you are entertaining or even living in those spaces, you really want the color of those rooms to be complimentary to you. If you feel like you look great in blue, or you have green eyes and you want to highlight that, paint your living room a beautiful color green.”
DON’T paint your room a color that doesn’t complement you as a person.
“I never like colors like mustard and things like that because no one really looks good standing against mustard. It makes your skin go sour.”
DO purchase a light dimmer for your room.
Martyn told us a light dimmer can make all the difference in changing the mood and ambiance in a room. Even better, he shared that you can find light dimmers for around $20! Talk about an inexpensive way to brighten up your home!
DON’T put in an exposed bulb in a light fixture.
“Always make sure there is a lamp shade or a light fixture covering it. An exposed bulb is the last thing you want to see in a room.”
Secrets From Martyn
Though Martyn shows his viewers a lot of his expertise on Million Dollar Decorators, we wanted to get a little more intimate with our guest so we sneaked in a few of questions we were dying to know:

  • Things He Dreads About Decorating: “Getting the past payment from Clients—always the hardest thing to get!”
  • The Secret Tip For Scratched Wood: “Kiwi Shoe Wax. It’s a shoe polish that you can touch up wood with and it comes all these different warm colors.”
  • Expert Solution For a Ripped Couch: “Use a great throw… just fold it over the arm where the rip is or throw it over the back of the sofa.”
  • Can’t Live Without: The Dimmer Switch. “I could not live in my home if I didn’t have dimmers everywhere it would just change the mood.”
  • Most Interesting Piece of Furniture in Elton John’s Home: “Beautiful onyx table that sat in the middle of his living room. They were completely lit from the inside on this special timed dimmer so during the day they would glow kind of warmly and as the evening went on, the sun went down, the color of the tables would change a little bit and you’d get this amazing, really sexy low-light glow.”

The Essentials
As we start to think about trimming the tree and carefully hanging our holiday décor, we asked Martyn to chime in with his holiday obsessions. He clued us into his winter wonderland:

“I love things that are natural so I love having a natural tree. I always decorate my mantel and the top of my big mirrors and things with beautiful natural garland and branches that quite often are sprayed in gold or silver. ”
Need a quick fix for the season? Try our simple holiday wreaths. Martyn suggests blending natural elements into your holiday garland for a special interior feeling:
“Just wire real fruit onto your garland and you create this wonderful natural, interior experience for the holidays which brings the outdoors in and really, to me, makes sense for this time of the year.”
Believe us when we say we could have spent all day chatting with Martyn, but unfortunately we had to release him back into the world to share his expertise with others! His energy, kindness and knowledge spoke to us so strongly we couldn’t wait to share our interview with our Homesessive readers. If you’re like us and can’t get enough of this totally fab, genius designer, look for him this season on Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators. He even let us in on a little secret about the upcoming season: "A few very big name celebrities that will be surprising you and popping up in the series!"
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