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Entrepreneur Claims to Have Created Self-Cleaning Shirt

When it comes to household chores, few are worse than tackling the dreaded pile of laundry. But one motivated entrepreneur claims to have created an odor-less and wrinkle-free shirt that solves all laundry woes.  Twenty-four year old inventor Mac Bishop has invented what he calls the "Better Button Down," a shirt that does not require washing.

Bishop says he has worn the shirt for 100 plus days without washing and has also exercised in it. He stated he has ran 3 to 4 miles and bike 5 miles while wearing the piece of clothing.He credits the no need to clean miracle behind this shirt to the fiber wool it is made out of. The wool used is 3 times thinner than a human hair, making it extra resistant to moisture.

If Bishop's claims are true, this shirt is perfect for people on-the-go who have little time to spend washing clothing. His vision became reality through his Kick Start campaign, which resulted in over 1700 supporters helping him raise over 250K dollars. And what did the supporters receive in return you may wonder? Well, a brand new "Better Button Down" of their own.


Photo Courtesy of Wool&Prince

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