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Take Your Own Fine Art Flower Photos

Do you admire gorgeous shots of orchids, lilies and other exotic flowers? I'll bet you have just the spot in your home to hang professionally photographed art prints.
To learn more about photography, check out  and . Happy homemaking!
You don't need to pay the prices (up to $100 unframed) for the professional prints to have photographs of this type displayed in your home. Pull out your camera and shoot some yourself. I went to an orchid show at a local botanical garden and now I display my four favorite shots in our family room, in a very affordable frame.
What, you say? You are no photographer? You'll surprise yourself if you follow these tips.
First of all, don't stress over the type of flower. Sure, orchids are stunning, but you can go out into your yard and photograph your garden, even your weeds, and get the same effect. This photograph is just a tulip from my yard.
Don't be afraid to zoom in. Go ahead, do it. All the way. And get as close as you can to the flower, too. If you have a macro lens (or setting on your digital for macro) dust it off and use it.
Try to go out on a sunny day, because you will automatically get brilliant light and dark contrasts so you can print your photo in black and white if you want to and have it look great. Some cameras even feature a black and white mode, make use of it if so.
Keep shooting. Yeah, yeah, Ansel Adams could do it, but you aren't him and neither am I. Take many shots from different heights and angles, and when you think you are done, take some more.
So keep it simple by using just those few tips and you'll soon have beautiful floral photographs for your empty wall space. 
Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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