Cut That Eco-yard And Then Sustain That New Eco-garden

Nothing is more satisfying that creating a miniature (or full-blown) garden from which to cultivate nutritious herbs, vegetables, and other edible goodies. Have a bay window? Create a garden there. How about a box window over the bathtub? As long as it gets plenty of light, there's another opportunity.
Use organic seeds to create that garden (large or small) and give it plenty of love. Our friends over at Green Daily have plenty of ideas in this area, so keep a close eye on them in the near future. I've already found it a great resource for all things eco-garden and eco-yard.
Although summer mowing is winding down for many of us, another great idea for some temporary mulch for that herb garden can come in the form of grass clippings (changed regularly). I use a manual rotary mower for my minor mowing duties for its non-footprint on greenhouse gas output, along with the healthy cut it gives grass.
Want a built-in workout while doing chores? Nothing beats a manual mower for sweating it up while getting that yard in shape. Collect some of the clippings to use as mulch in those paper pots you'll be growing those eco-herbs in, and be at peace with the world.
Photo Credit: Getty Images

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